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Personal  Coaching

Change may not be easy but it does contain key simple components. Daily conditioning of your attitudes and thought processes, habits and routines to support new actions, and prompts that nudge your behaviour all need to be part of your plan if you are to successfully change and maintain those changes.

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I apply tools and strategies


Due to my training in numerous disciplines, I have the ability to work as a both a coach or as a psychotherapist. Together we can find the most suitable approach and style for you. I apply the principles, strategies and techniques from a range of fields including NLP, Cognitive Behavioural therapy and Hypnotherapy to name a few.

When you are calorie counting to lose weight your mind is still very much focusing on food. Before long this will become very effortful and create feelings of tension and deprivation. The less often you are focusing on food the less often you will have to use willpower to stay on track and avoid temptation.
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About me

I've had an interest in the mind from a young age. Human beings and their behaviour has always fascinated me. In 1994 I decided to qualify as a personal trainer to help people achieve their health and fitness goals. During this time I became particularly curious about what happens in the mind to motivate someone to change their behaviour.

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"Nobody can ever make you feel a certain way. You decide how you interpret any situation in your life. You choose the meaning you assign to any event. You select your response in any scenario. Practice developing the responses and interpretations that serve you and drop the ones that lock you into a state of feeling disturbed."


One to One Coaching

If you feel that a one to one service would suit you better there are two options. Every package includes either phone or face to face coaching. Just find the package that suits you best or get in touch if you want to design your own bespoke package.


"The mental aspect of weight loss has been seriously overlooked. Khody's system solves this problem."

— Sally Gunnell, OBE, Olympic gold medalist

Love Yourself

"Loving yourself is a nice idea but asking someone suffering with low self worth to do it is like asking them to run before they can walk. It’s often best in these cases to start by planting a seed of doubt into any ideas that make you believe that you are worthless and to work gradually from there."




As a coach I work in a number of areas. I have developed a range of packages and courses that can assist you with the specific challenges that you might currently be facing. If you don’t find a package that suits you perfectly I can design a bespoke one for you that fits your needs more precisely.

Overcoming emotional eating


Quit smoking package


Overcoming Anxiety package


Enhancing Happiness package