5 Ways that hypnosis will help you to lose weight – Weight Loss Brighton

Hypnosis is not the magic bullet people think it is. I wish when you sit in my chair I could just wave a magic and command your excess body fat to melt away before your eyes. Unfortunately it’s not as dramatic as that. Don’t get me wrong hypnosis works for fat loss. I have helped hundreds of people to lose weight this way. Controlled scientific studies have also shown that long term weight loss is more effective when using hypnosis compared to the very low calorie diets that seem popular these days. Of course you’ll lose weight if you starve yourself but you can’t follow these diets forever. Once you resume normal eating you will find yourself back where you started in no time at all. Here are 5 ways that hypnosis works to assist you to lose that fat.

1 Changing associations

If you are like most people you will find that your bad eating choices follow certain patterns. Perhaps you associate certain times of a day with a sugary snack or fast food. Maybe you associate certain emotions with having a few glasses of wine. Hypnosis can help to change these patterns and replace them with more healthy alternatives.

2 Builds motivation

If you book in to see me you clearly have some degree of motivation. However motivation comes and goes and hypnosis is great for enhancing your mental resources. The vivid imagery that you experience when under hypnosis can increase your motivation significantly. This means you rely less on will power and more on the reserves of motivation that can be developed during your time with me.

3 Changes your perspective

The quality of your life is ultimately determined by what you choose to focus your attention on. Hypnosis can be used to give you an insight of an alternative reality simply by shifting your attention. Changing your perspective in this way can feel like seeing the whole world through a different lens.

4 Builds mental strength

Making healthier choices week in, week out is a mental challenge. Hypnosis can help you to build the mental strength to adhere to a healthy eating regime. We all have far more inner strength than we realise. The problem is that we get stuck in set patterns of behaving and responding to negative situations and are unable to shift our attention to access it. 

5 Builds self esteem

People don’t diet to lose weight. They diet because losing weight will make them feel better about themselves. Our view of ourselves is described as our self esteem. Hypnosis can teach you to develop a more positive self image rather then focus on your short comings. Being slimmer may very well build self acceptance but there are other ways to do it too. A healthy self esteem means that you are more likely to be happier as well as maintain your target weight once you get there. 

Khody Damestani MSc BSc (Hons) DIHP is a therapeutic and performance coach, author and lecturer specialising in helping people in a range of areas of health and performance. He sees clients at his private practice in Brighton and runs workshops. For more information contact him at info@khody.co.uk


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