It’s taken for granted that if you want to lose weight that you need to follow some kind of diet plan. Whilst this is true the vital element to this process seems to have been neglected. From my experience of working in this field for over fifteen year’s people put on weight for two main reasons. The first is that they make bad decisions when it comes to their food choices. In fact they make bad decisions so frequently that those decisions probably now operate as automatic habits. These bad eating habits may have served a purpose at some point by lifting your mood or providing you with a little treat. The problem is that now they are not helping you are they? Now you probably feel trapped, fed up, and caught in a cycle you can’t break. To change this you need to examine your mind and the way you make decisions and learn different strategies and approaches to make better ones.

The second reason people put weight on is that they are using food or alcohol for that matter as a mood enhancer. Food or drink can be a way of escaping from problems or soothing away difficult feelings about yourself or your life. If eating or drinking is your only way of coping with uncomfortable feelings then its understandable why you keep doing it. The solution here is to examine the root cause of these feelings and learn more effective and healthier coping strategies that don’t result in an ever expanding waistline. I have spent many years developing a comprehensive system that trains your mind to make better decisions and build coping strategies. This system has helped hundreds of people to lose weight and keep it off. No diets. No will power. Just results.

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